Semi-bulk storage

Sanwey stands out for having thought of an innovative proposal in the semi-bulk storage sector in Brazil. We seek to develop solutions for material logistics, always aiming at progress and sustainability.

Sanbag (name of Sanwey’s big bags) are made of durable, flexible and foldable material. They are destined to the transport and semi-bulk storage by any means of transport, equipped with handles that facilitate the mechanical movement, with resistance to support all the route without loss of materials. With export focus, the bags are versatile, manufactured to order and can be adapted to the need of each one and the product to be transported.

Space optimization, low-cost economical packaging, protection against solar radiation and resistance to chemical attacks are some of Sanbag’s main features. We have products for food, industrial and storage markets.

About Sanwey

We were born in 1983 in the city of Taboão da Serra, SP. Our professionals have had technology since the beginning of the 70’s in the manufacture of the first flexible PVC containers in Brazil. We seek to work in a harmonious way between suppliers and customers, respecting the principles of the free market economy and the sustainability of the environment.

The employees are trained, so all our products present the already known quality of Sanwey. Our main goal is to satisfy our customers, and also to make Sanwey a company of excellence at the international level in the sector of handling and semi-bulk storage.

Need a smart solution for semi-bulk storage? Do not hesitate, count on Sanwey. Learn more about our products at: