Solid waste containment

Always thinking about environmental preservation, Sanwey has developed a solid waste containment line. Solid waste are superfluous or hazardous material, generated by human activity, that must be discarded. In addition to environmental damage, the wrong disposal of waste also results in fines, load seizure, vehicle retention, imprisonment of those responsible and even the stoppage of activities.

That’s why Sanwey created Resibag. It is ideal for class II and III waste disposal. The advantages are reducing costs, logistical gain, freight, time, safety and greater weight capacity without loss of space (the Resibag holds up to 1200kg).

It was focused on a cleaner and more humane planet that Sanwey developed Resibag, the most complete and sustainable market option for solid waste containment.


We were born in 1983 in the city of Taboão da Serra, SP. Our professionals have had technology since the beginning of the 70’s in the manufacture of the first flexible PVC containers in Brazil. We seek to work in a harmonious way between suppliers and customers, respecting the principles of the free market economy and the sustainability of the environment.

The employees are trained, so all our products present the already known quality of Sanwey. Our main goal is to satisfy our customers, and also to make Sanwey a company of excellence at the international level.

Need a smart solution with solid waste containment? Do not hesitate, count on Sanwey’s Resibags. Learn more about our products at: